Founded in 2015 by AgBiome® to manage the commercialization of biological products produced via the Genesis™ discovery and development platform, the AgBiome Innovations®, Inc. team has a proven track record with a focus on disease and pest control. We kill what needs to be killed.

Our Team


Asen Asparuhov

Business Development

Matthew Reinhart

Business Development

Natarajan “Bala” Balachander

Business Development

Aaron Blue


Lisa Bonsor


Don Bradley

Manufacturing & Logistics

Toni Bucci


Adam Burnhams

Market and Customer Strategy

Brian Corbin

Business Development

Liz Gaston

Marketing and Communications

Ken Laderman

Manufacturing & Logistics

Bond McInnes

Business Development

Kirk Nelson

Sales Operations

John C. Rabby

Commercial Director

Jim Spadafora

Field Trials Director